Roadmap to your Digital Identity

Think about what a user is going to type. – Matt Cutts, Google

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. SunTzu

You may feel “digital marketing” is just not for you. Your business is doing just fine and you believe you can increase your revenue without investing the time, energy or finances in your digital profile or available marketing strategies.  But what you may not realize is that you are losing a significant amount of clients who are searching for your specific services online. This means your competition is gaining the upper hand and reaping the benefits (and profits) that could be yours.

Establishing a digital identity may not be as difficult as you think. It all starts with a vision and a plan. The goal is simple. Outperform your competition and give your clients something that your rivals don’t.

To develop a successful digital strategy, you must first take some time to really think about your brand and evaluate your business needs by understanding who your clients are and what they require from you. Once you identify your cause, you are ready to make some strides in the digital world. Here are some steps to guide you along the way. Continue reading “Roadmap to your Digital Identity” »

What’s a Hashtag, Anyway? Design 446 Explains the History & Mystery Behind the Illustrious Symbol


Debuting on the Twitter scene back in 2009, the hashtag symbol has gone from a simple “metadata tag” to a pop culture reference as renowned as LOL and TGIF.

Here at Design 446, many of our clients ask us the when, where and why of hashtags. Questions range from the basic “is this just a trend,” or “is the hashtag here to stay?” to the more difficult “is it appropriate to drop a hashtag into marketing materials, if so, when and on which mediums?” Continue reading “What’s a Hashtag, Anyway? Design 446 Explains the History & Mystery Behind the Illustrious Symbol” »