What’s a Hashtag, Anyway? Design 446 Explains the History & Mystery Behind the Illustrious Symbol


Debuting on the Twitter scene back in 2009, the hashtag symbol has gone from a simple “metadata tag” to a pop culture reference as renowned as LOL and TGIF.

Here at Design 446, many of our clients ask us the when, where and why of hashtags. Questions range from the basic “is this just a trend,” or “is the hashtag here to stay?” to the more difficult “is it appropriate to drop a hashtag into marketing materials, if so, when and on which mediums?”

The short answer is: yes, hashtags are here to stay. In a digital age where information travels at the speed of light, hashtags have become crucial to effective communication and getting your message out there. With that said, there are some do’s and don’ts that apply to the art of hashtagging. We’ve created this quick Hashtag 101 infographic for your reference!


Lauren Brajer

Lauren Brajer

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