Design 446’s Top Tips for Corporate Holiday Cards

It’s no secret that here at Design 446 we’re huge lovers of all things print. From a small vibrant, punchy business card to a large wall banner, we know the power of an expertly crafted printed piece. So it’s no surprise that we’re already thinking about holiday cards. The holidays represent a unique opportunity to connect with potential customers, build relationships and say thank you in a genuine way. In the age where most of the country connected together via wireless Internet, a holiday greeting delivered via the mail says something: we wanted to take the time to show you that we care.

Here’s a quick list of our top 3 tips for sending out your holiday cards:

1.    Start Early! Make sure your client mailing lists are up-to-date. You’ll also want to include your colleagues, building-mates and investors clients and friends, if applicable.

2.    Be unique! Make sure to include your logo and if possible, some personalization. Whether it’s a staff picture, a funny message or a personalized note, setting yourself and your business apart can make the difference between a throw-away business card and one proudly displayed by the receiver.

3.    Beat the Rush! Send your Holiday cards out at the start of the holiday season, this way you’ll stay top of mind and separate yourself from the masses!

Let us help you! At Design 446 we can handle everything from card design to printing and fulfillment through postage and delivery! Whats more, our variable data capabilities let you transform your mailings list data like names and addresses into a personalized greetings!


Lauren Brajer

Lauren Brajer

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