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Swiss Body Shape’s Titan Focus Drink: A Case Study


Titan Focus Drink is a light, refreshing drink developed to help increase focus, strengthen memory, mental clarity and energy. It’s enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and helps to increase metabolism rate.

Concept & Positioning:

The concept of the Titan product line from Swiss Body Shape is inspired by the Greek mythology of the Titans. In addition to it’s mental and physical strengths, the Titans stand for mental strength, intelligence and wisdom – among many other attributes.

Titan Focus gives the focus and energy to perform like a Titan. It’s targeted at young, ambitious people striving for excellent performance and demanding the best for their mind and body.


Since the Titan Focus concept is inspired by the Greek/Roman mythology, Swiss Body Shape was looking for a classical, luxurious, mystical but strong design for the logo. Needing to emulate quality, trust, luxury and exclusivity, we created a strong, distinctive design featuring a diamond and shield. The Diamond represents clarity and the shield within represents strength and protection. The color and treatment speaks to the luxury and refinement of the brand.



Titan Focus launched in early November at the Super Boat World Championships in Key West, Florida. Design 446 is proud to have designed the wrap for this sleek, powerful speed machine!







Brian Stern

Brian Stern

Brian joined Design 446 in the spring of 2004. After receiving his BFA from The Philadelphia College of Art, Brian worked in NYC for 15 years creating brand identities and collateral for a diverse clientele from Fortune 100 companies to small niche firms. Most recently, he sat on the judges panel for the W3 Awards, sponsored by the International Academy of the Visual Arts. As a fine art photographer, Brian’s work has been shown in galleries throughout the country and in 2009 one of his photographs was added to the Smithsonian Institution’s permanent collection.

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