Design 446 Turns 40!


It’s a red-letter day here at Design 446. Today, October 7th, 2014, marks our 40th anniversary!

Since our founding in 1974, Design 446 has evolved from a small, family-owned and operated company that relied on a close-knit group of suppliers to deliver a quality product to one of the best-known marketing and advertising companies in the industry.

We’ve come a long way in the last 40 years. Being flexible and innovative while continually delivering the highest quality services without compromise has been the key to our success. Continue reading “Design 446 Turns 40!” »

Enthusiasm is Everything: A Look at GO BODY® Hydrating Protein Drink

After being in business for 40 years, there’s one thing that’s for certain: nothing gets us more excited than a passionate, enthusiastic client. No matter how beautiful a branding package, how thoughtfully written a brochure or how expertly designed a website, a product is only as successful as those in the drivers seat. We love the Mario Andretti’s and Danica Patrick’s, the spirited, impassioned individuals who put their whole hearts into their work, because that’s what we do here every day at Design 446. Continue reading “Enthusiasm is Everything: A Look at GO BODY® Hydrating Protein Drink” »

The Faces of Design 446

As we celebrate our 40th year, we wanted to give you – our friends, clients & supporters – a chance to connect with the faces behind Design 446. Equal parts funny and serious, this is a peek inside agency life at Design 446.

Our ability to deliver beautiful brand experiences across a wide array of media begins and ends with our innovative staff. So check out the video to learn more about our team and how we give life to seven unique departments through our holistic approach to design. Without further ado, here are the unique, talented, savvy and amusing faces of Design 446!